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Custom Toblerone 3d model
Hey guys,

had a customer order for Toblerone earrings for mothers day, so I whipped up this model in solidworks, the earrings are about 50mm total length and have already been resin printed and I'll show photos later this week after painting.

[Image: svVc9qol.png]

I have been trying to get a set of my own 3D models so I can post up printed items for sale on my website, Unfortunately i can't advertise that i'm selling things off of thingiverse etc due to the non-commercial copyright they have. I was happy to put in extra time of my own to draw this one because I knew I'd be able to sell more than just the 1 pair Big Grin

I tried to hire a guy on Fiverr to do models but he wanted $20USD per model...
Nice work dude. How did you get the mountain logo stencil like that? Sucks about Fiverr.
(05-04-2020, 09:49 PM)scopio90 Wrote: Nice work dude. How did you get the mountain logo stencil like that? Sucks about Fiverr.

Getting the Toblerone logo on there took me a considerable amount of time, Solidworks doesn't have good image tracing abilities, so I had to take a nobackground toblerone logo, edit it to have only solid colours in Adobe Photoshop, then open it in Adobe Illustrator and trace it using its auto trace feature. Then I saved this Trace as a .dwg file, and opened it in a solidworks sketch. It still wasn't a clean trace, I had to delete a few thousand extra lines and when I had a ok looking logo none of the sketch is actually "closed" so I used the Repair sketch tool in solidworks to find all of the gaps so I could fix them... There were 66 gaps to fix... Then i could finally copy it into my toblerone 3d model, scale it down (which produced 20 more gaps I had to fix) and then extruded it....

Final result is nice but it was faaaar too much effort, we're talking 4 hours for that logo.

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