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Ender 3 Filament Roller Setup
So I have all of my printers on shelves now, and due to the issues printers can have with ghosting when they have filament mounted off of the top of the gantry I have decided to mount all of my spools off of the shelving. I designed spool holders (another post maybe) and rollers for all of my printers (another again) so that the filament can roll off of the roller on the shelf mount and be translated to coming from a place the printer can handle. The ender is the last one I did but its also the prettiest.

I modelled this one in solidworks, and the hardest part was raising it up enough so I could use the full build height and also lining up the edge of the roller with the edge of the next roller. I think it worked out pretty well.

In my rollers I always use these small 8x4x3mm bearings as they are easy to press into prints and you can screw through them with a m3 screw. You can get them here:

Here's some pics of the models, Apologies for the poor pics:
[Image: lTb4jmzl.jpg]
[Image: xI3Kfo7l.jpg]

And a few pics of the prints after completion, note I have already pressed in the bearings:
[Image: Vpo9VW1l.jpg]
[Image: 1jVVrjsl.jpg]
[Image: 4Ak80Qnl.jpg]
[Image: W5bgII2l.jpg]
[Image: baNwUVml.jpg]
[Image: uODc9EUl.jpg]

The mount is a very tight push fit onto the extrusion at the top of the gantry
[Image: CNbXYPql.jpg]

and heres the mounted unit
[Image: 8o4OPASl.jpg]

You can see how it lines up with the other roller which is printed off of thingiverse
[Image: zc55yQgl.jpg]
[Image: Ob6PW4Dl.jpg]

And heres the roller in action so you can see how the system works
[Image: Upfmtxml.jpg]

closer up pic
[Image: zBDtUZvl.jpg]

So anyone who is interested in a setup like this for themselves let me know and I can share the models on my blog Big Grin
Let me know what you think!

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