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Faster Print Speed
I was looking at printing a set of drawers for my printer. When I sliced it it said 1 day 5hrs and 22minutes printing it at 50mm/s

How bad will it look at 120mm/s. Is this even doable. It not like it needs to be beautiful just functional and not horrible Smile

It reduces the print to 16hrs 30 mins.
The easiest way to find out is to slice off a section of the print in the slicer software and do a test print on that sample section. That will then give you an idea what the rest is going to turn out like.

If I'm trying to match the profile of something or just want to see if the scale of something is going to come out as I expect it to, I often slice a 1-3mm section from the area of the STL that I want to test and then print that first. I do this in the slicer itself. While you waste a little bit of filament with that test print, it does mean you don't risk wasting a ton of filament printing the whole thing only to find that something isn't right.
I'm using cura 4.7.1 but not seeing that option. Do I need to get something else to do this?
I use PrusaSlicer which allows you to chop, scale and rotate an STL in the slicer itself. I do have Cura installed but I don't really use it because I hate it. Let me check to see if a similar option exists in Cura (I would be surprised if it didn't), and then get back to you.
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Wow. It seems that Cura doesn't have that facility. I looked everywhere in the 4.7.1 interface and couldn't find anything. Another reason for me to hate Cura Big Grin 

In PrusaSlicer you can use the "Cut" tool. You then drag a plane up and down to the desired height (or specify an exact Z height) and choose to keep the top half, the bottom half, or both.

I sometimes do this and then print the small cut piece to gauge how the full item will turn out in both quality and in dimension precision.

[Image: PTtKlYY.jpg]

[Image: 7nKM0zn.jpg]
I think I can get a ender 3 profile for Prusa Slicer. I give it a go. Thanks Smile
In CURA, you can just use the "move" tool and type in z co-ordinates to place the model your desired level "through" the bed. Then just stop the print after a couple of layers.
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