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Hi folks
(03-10-2021, 01:26 AM)GregP Wrote: Hi, I saw mention of this forum in a FB group I am in and thought I should check it out. I have only been into 3d printing since early December and am expecting my third Ender 3 V2 to show up tomorrow. I had mixed experiences with the first two, one just printed out of the box and has been steady as a rock, the second one was one of the ones shipped with a bum board and I learned how to swap out a board far sooner than I had hoped. And yes I do like modding/upgrading stuff just to see what it does. :-)
Hi Greg,

Welcome to the forum, it's likely that I am the one who led you here Big Grin

We are only pretty small now, but we are growing one member at a time. There are still some really knowledgeable people here and whats great is we are google search indexed meaning if someone searches on google with a problem you had and one of the members on here solved it then they can also get helped without even having to ask Smile

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