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New Creality Printer Review
When is the next 3D printer review coming out from into3DP?
(12-07-2020, 01:44 AM)scopio90 Wrote: When is the next 3D printer review coming out from into3DP?

I built the Artillery Hornet yesterday and will have a review coming soon.

The Creality CR-6-SE just showed up at home, so I'll be looking at that one tonight hopefully Big Grin

Also looking at doing a Microswiss full extruder and hotend upgrade on my Ender 3 XS pro for printing some more exotic materials. The current hotend has printed ABS at 245C for over 400 hrs now with no maintenance, so it's only a matter of time before I would need to change the PTFE, and since I use that machine for almost all exotic materials I think i may as well dabble in the all-metal world.

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