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Raspberry Pi 4 Case
Hey Guys!

Printed this case for my Pi 4 last week, waiting on the right size fan but this smaller one from an old mobo fits.

This is the part on thingiverse that I used:

Note there are no holes on the top and bottom of the model, this is achieved by setting a hex infill structure and running 0 top and bottom layers, works neat.

And here's my print, in a nice hobbyking blue filament.
[Image: 8tmhQgnl.jpg]

For anyone interested, I had the pi for a while, was going to use it for octoprint and then got over that idea and I'm now using it as a personal RTMP server. I'm into live streaming, I run streams for businesses and am a part of a small media company. 

When we are streaming remotely from mobile hardware (A7 iii with a YoloBox and mobile data atm) we have limits on what we can do with the stream, the pi server enables me to stream from the mobile hardware to the pi, then capture that stream in OBS and use it in a more sophisticated setup. Works a treat and makes things far more reliable.

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