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Review Creality Ender 3 MAX Review
Hey guys, here for another 3D Printer review, this time the Ender 3 Max!

[Image: ouq5vdsl.jpg]

Normally I would put a link to where you can buy this printer but unfortunately it isn't out yet! :o

Thanks to Creality for sending me this Pre-Release machine, but lets get right into it!

The box came in unscathed, except my puppy tried to open it while I ws at work... Luckily he only got some of the tape off, so I guess you could say the box is dog proof? hehe.

Also, this is one of the bigger printer boxes i've received, about the same size as an Artillery Sidewinder, which I guess makes sense due to the similar Build volume.

[Image: h7CBjU9l.jpg]

After opening the box you can see the accessories packed ontop 
[Image: USZN4f3l.jpg]

Removing the foam with the accessories reveals the pre-assembled gantry sitting on top of the base
[Image: NaXXL6wl.jpg]

Everything removed from the box
[Image: WLLc2Qfl.jpg]

It came with these few bits of paperwork
[Image: yG1OSJPl.jpg]

Contents of the tool and screws bag
[Image: YczVXZGl.jpg]

Appears to be a standard ender 3 display, and it is good to see the good quality AMASS XT60 being used on the PSU.
[Image: Cj5KHv3l.jpg]


It's nice to have some decent instructions finally, I really liked these. 
[Image: 9Jmf78Hl.jpg]
[Image: 5fM0ogBl.jpg]
[Image: qPih07Dl.jpg]
[Image: AIGFfkCl.jpg]
[Image: KMA5QtZl.jpg]
[Image: 7nyB6v0l.jpg]
[Image: HapgXJ5l.jpg]
[Image: PGetDVal.jpg]
[Image: 9urkfxtl.jpg]
[Image: x5MOAz8l.jpg]
[Image: wHAAatVl.jpg]
[Image: tpn9BM5l.jpg]
[Image: LDQnG2nl.jpg]
[Image: a40tgaul.jpg]
[Image: OiapGrkl.jpg]
[Image: pul8dVXl.jpg]


The first step of assembly is bolting the gantry to the base, and I must say I am very impressed with creality's design improvement here, this is a wonderful idea.

They have machined a slot in the side of the 40x40mm base V Slot to locate the gantry, and the screws go through the side of the gantry into the side of the base.. I think this is a much better idea than the screws from underneath and I believe it will stop some Gantry wobble that we have issues with on other printers.

[Image: v89csJql.jpg]

I used a square to make sure the gantry was straight before doing up the screws

[Image: iMtLKewl.jpg]

Gantry Mounted
[Image: xRxpYlsl.jpg]

Power supply mounted, just 2 screws through the gantry.
[Image: E3uHXnYl.jpg]

Screen mounted, just the 2 screws on the front like a traditional ender
[Image: 6pFMH7Yl.jpg]

This is the new spool holder, It clips onto the base of the printer.. Was a little hard to get clipped on at first but it seems rigid enough.
[Image: E0d5a0ul.jpg]

Physical assembly is complete now, just plugging in cables to go
[Image: PjynX9Ol.jpg]
[Image: tw9EbH1l.jpg]
[Image: fguBI1il.jpg]
[Image: KX7UMCal.jpg]

This picture shows the cables for the gantry and the new spool holder in position..
[Image: 3CznODel.jpg]

And the printer is finished!
[Image: ouq5vdsl.jpg]

First print

So for the first print I tried something different, I actually did a live stream.. And it went really well so I will be doing this from now on.

Firstly, the Z Limit Switch was mounted too low, and I couldn't level the bed, so I fixed this on the fly with some V slot nuts and different screws... Then there wasn't any test files on the SD so unfortunately I had to improvise and do a quick slice on CURA, so the settings obviously weren't ideal. But regardless I still think the printer went well.

If you want to see me quickly figure out how to move the Z limit switch and the first print, then have a look at the live stream below. Either on Facebook or youtube Smile

I would love to hear some feedback on this printer, what do you think?

Hopefully It comes out soon so we can see the actual pricing, and I hope Creality sorts out the limit switch placement and includes a test print on the SD.
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Since you have the Artillery, it would be nice to hear a comparison.
(10-14-2020, 01:44 AM)voodoo614 Wrote: Since you have the Artillery, it would be nice to hear a comparison.

I expect the artillery will be about 30% more expensive than this.

The artillery has a lot of better features, but similar build quality.

I would choose the artillery over this any day, even though this has a nicer gantry mount, it's easy to stiffen the gantry of the artillery with some threaded rod and a printed adapter.

If it was my money and I was super tight on budget, I'd definitely consider the Ender 3 Max though, it's a nice printer and I think it'll be good value for the price.
Thank you for the comparison.
what hardware did you use to lower the z end stop? i was gifted a ender 3 max and have struggled so hard with it for like a month now. it is my first 3d printer and i am kinda lost
(01-24-2021, 05:09 AM)HikariRue Wrote: what hardware did you use to lower the z end stop? i was gifted a ender 3 max and have struggled so hard with it for like a month now. it is my first 3d printer and i am kinda lost

Hey mate thanks for making an account on the forum. Welcome to the family.

I think i've already helped you with this on the youtube comments.

Any more questions you have feel free to make a new thread on this forum and we'd love to help!

I also answer a lot of questions on FB if you need a quick response just message me (i will only answer between 6am-10pm AEST GMT+10)
but I prefer you ask on the forum Big Grin
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