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TBS Source Two XT60 and SMA Mount
Hey guys!

Bit quiet around here lately, probably my bad sorry.

Last week I was asked for a TPU mount for the TBS source two that's full back coverage, has a XT60 mounted for a underslung battery and a recessed in SMA mount.

This was the first prototype: (Slid onto my TBS S1 as I don't have a S2)
[Image: xIghAEml.jpg]

And this was the final one sitting on the S2, the guy hasn't done any more work so I'll update pictures when he completes the build.
[Image: gx0KpuTl.jpg]

I didn't have a frame to work off, so I just downloaded the fusion360 assembly model from github and measured each part or looked at the sketches. It seemed to be a perfect fit so I'm happy.
Nice design.

Having an assembly Fusion 360 model is easier to model to. Now that I have a better understanding of Fusion 360, I love designing stuff.

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