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Use Solidworks for free (personal use only)
Hey Guys!

Today I found a way to get a free licence for solidworks, much like the free Fusion360 licence, this one is a "Maker" licence for Personal use and lasts one year.

1. Go Here
2. Enter your name and email
3. On the dropdown select "Maker"
4. Check "No" on the "I already have a Serial Number that starts with 9020" question.
5. Enter the code 9SDK2020
6. Choose "2020-2021" for Academic Version
7. Click Request Download
8. Accept the Terms
9. Copy down the serial numbers
10. Click Download and Download the installer
11. Install solidworks using your licence keys when requested
12. Enjoy 1 year of being confused by Solidworks (and learning)

When you install if you want Solidworks CAM then you have to click the dropdown and enter the product key for it also after you enter the CAD product key.

Solidworks CAM is their Computer Aided Manufacture module which is relatable to somewhat like a slicer (aka cura) but i believe its more for traditional cnc machines. I havent used CAM myself before so you probably don't need to install it, but if you're interested you always can and have a play.

Disclaimer: This licence is not to be used for any purpose that you make money from, it is purely to learn about solidworks and making models for personal use. Refer to the official terms and conditions that you accept before downloading for further information.

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