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  HELP! What can I print from flex resin?
Posted by: daveefordays - 10-26-2020, 10:31 PM - Forum: Printing Discussion - Replies (2)

Hey guys!

I need some ideas... I have some flex100 resin now, and I have been mixing it with my standard Bio Resin from Esun and it has been going well.. (8g flex and 44g bio seems like a good mix)

But I want to try a print of complete flex resin, do you guys have any suggestions?? I could just do a pokemon or something as a toy I guess but I want something cool... The resin is also clear if that helps?

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  3D Printing Price Calculator
Posted by: SnowLeopardFPV - 10-16-2020, 10:52 AM - Forum: Printing Discussion - Replies (1)

Prusa have released a handy calculator to help you calculate the cost of any 3D models you create. This is useful if you offer a print-on-demand service or are just looking to recoup costs from selling any of your 3D printed items. You can even print out a breakdown sheet of the calculated costs for your own records and/or for a customer. You can load a g-code file and it will pre-fill some of the values for you, then you can adjust those values and fill in any other values as required...


More details are in the Prusa blog post linked to below...


And the guys who run the Prusa bi-weekly live stream demonstrated its use this week at the 18:30 time mark in the video below...

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  3018 CNC Router/Mill
Posted by: daveefordays - 10-15-2020, 10:21 PM - Forum: CNC General Discussion - No Replies

Purchase this item HERE and use offer code BG7563 to get it for $169

Hey Guys, today I'm reviewing the 3018 CNC Router/Mill from Banggood!

This is a little bit different to my normal 3D printer reviews, but it is definitely cool, and I look forward to reaching out into the CNC space a bit more.

Lets get into it!

The box came in okay condition, and is actually smaller than I expected.

[Image: ih9i6dfl.jpg]

The parts are well protected and appear to be in perfect condition.
[Image: SowjRall.jpg]
Everything unboxed
[Image: NvwZTENl.jpg]
This unit had a very basic manual, not much writing so I guess you are just meant to follow the pictures.
[Image: TV8t8e7l.jpg]
[Image: AjjEdwDl.jpg]
[Image: JdgAp1Zl.jpg]
[Image: CDLa75Ul.jpg]

The Build
Assembly of this machine actually took a while, it took time to get all of the T Slot nuts sitting correctly and making sure everything was square. It was nice that the manual showed some dimensions so I was able to make everything line up nicely.

The Parts for the first step:
[Image: 2Udmhbbl.jpg]
The Base frame assembled
[Image: MrICo9bl.jpg]
The Gantry frame assembled (is this still a Gantry? Not sure)
[Image: eiE0cI5l.jpg]

The two frames joined together, the injection moulded angle braces are a nice touch. I used my square at this point to make sure everything was straight.
[Image: nax7Oz9l.jpg]

Addition of the linear rod holders. They were just loose here, I lined them up exactly as I assembled the rods.
[Image: 7l04Go8l.jpg]
The bed needs to be assembled using two plates, and all the parts pictured here attach to the bed.
[Image: rVSEuWnl.jpg]
Bolted the two bed parts together with the plates
[Image: rddPRXBl.jpg]
I soft mounted the linear bearings, and hard mounted the lead screw exactly in the middle using my ruler.
[Image: Q63nLXIl.jpg]

I slid the linear rods through two of the mounts and then slipped them through the linear bearings loosely attached to the bed.
[Image: Gbz1f2bl.jpg]
I then slid the linear rods the rest of the way through, and then used my ruler to centre all of the parts and tigten them down. It's important to fasten the bearings to the bed first, then roll the bed to both ends of the linear rods to make sure it doesn't bind at either end, then the mounting points can be fastened down to the base.
[Image: V6tOHdZl.jpg]

I had it tipped like this to tighten the linear bearings to the bed.
[Image: Z88Ysisl.jpg]

Repeating the same process with the X-Axis linear rods
[Image: Du6R6FMl.jpg]

[Image: SQ8ZSNgl.jpg]

Next step is the lead screws, they have anti backlash nuts so you have to thread the leadscrew into the loose part of the nut, and then push it in with the spring and thread it the rest of the way.
[Image: jssTPYPl.jpg]

This is where I pushed the anti backlash part of the nut in and then kept threading the lead screw into the fixed nut.
[Image: htkVgqDl.jpg]

Lead Screw fitted
[Image: hRcgjgyl.jpg]

Same process for the Y-Axis lead screw
[Image: 5woIle7l.jpg]

[Image: 1w4HPeBl.jpg]
[Image: qHoCm9il.jpg]

Next up was mounting the motors, I put them on these plates and then soft mounted them to the frame.
[Image: VwovY3Yl.jpg]

Mounted the y-axis motor with the T slot nuts, and put the coupling on. I then wound the bed as close to the motor as possbile and then tightened the T slot nuts. This enabled me to get the motor nice and inline with the lead screw.
[Image: KJ3hjTRl.jpg]

Same process with the Y axis.
[Image: BjFR0XJl.jpg]

Put on the bearing to hold the other end of the Y-Axis lead screw
[Image: nfOeUwTl.jpg]

And the X-Axis lead screw
[Image: nAaFvjrl.jpg]

Mounting the control board was a bit funny, I think the acrylic piece should really have spacers under it because the nuts for mounting the PCB touch on the frame, but it still fits so whatever.
[Image: YVBCC8vl.jpg]
Stepper motors plugged in
I did miss the motor plugging in here, it goes from a barrel plug on the board to two blade terminals. There is a small + printed on the top of the motor to denote positive, but you really have to look for it.
[Image: lY9M6RNl.jpg]

These are the included bits, I guess they are for wood, but I will order some more different types to try.
[Image: RmVY8RCl.jpg]

Here I mounted the work piece clamps, I think I will need to 3D print some modifications here, maybe some custom clamps... More to come on that though.
[Image: 6q72X9bl.jpg]

The included chuck is actually pretty nice looking, I like it Big Grin
[Image: kr157IOl.jpg]

Thoughts after assembly
In my next post I will dive into the first job with this machine. After assembly I can definitely say you get a lot for a very small amount of money, but it shows in some places.. Like the Aluminium extrusions come with the plastic covering still on them, and all inside of the plastic is shavings.. So I recommend you take the plastic off outside as you get shavings everywhere! Also the ends of the extrusions could do with a deburr in places, but it doesn't affect use.. I might just print end covers similar to what Creality uses and push in.

Overall the machine actually comes out really solid and i think it's a great option to get into and learn about CNC because I believe it will do a good job for a low cost.

The other thing about this machine is that it has a lot that can be improved, and that can be done quite easily. There are some pretty common motor upgrades (watch this space, I have one ready) and I think the frame can be made WAY stronger for not much cost at all.

See, the frame is held together by these 90 degree brackets and T slot nuts, which is great but not super strong. I will order a M5 tap and Die set and a bunch of M5 screws as I want to try tapping the extrusions and bolting it all together.. I think that in conjunction with the corner brackets will make this small machine very very strong and I'd like to get it to the point where it can cut steel!! We will see though Big Grin

Let me know what you think of this machine, I think it's pretty cool.. Would be nice to get a little custom mod group going here... We could make some cool stuff with these and printers!

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  Creality Ender 3 MAX Review
Posted by: daveefordays - 10-14-2020, 12:14 AM - Forum: Specific Printer Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey guys, here for another 3D Printer review, this time the Ender 3 Max!

[Image: ouq5vdsl.jpg]

Normally I would put a link to where you can buy this printer but unfortunately it isn't out yet! :o

Thanks to Creality for sending me this Pre-Release machine, but lets get right into it!

The box came in unscathed, except my puppy tried to open it while I ws at work... Luckily he only got some of the tape off, so I guess you could say the box is dog proof? hehe.

Also, this is one of the bigger printer boxes i've received, about the same size as an Artillery Sidewinder, which I guess makes sense due to the similar Build volume.

[Image: h7CBjU9l.jpg]

After opening the box you can see the accessories packed ontop 
[Image: USZN4f3l.jpg]

Removing the foam with the accessories reveals the pre-assembled gantry sitting on top of the base
[Image: NaXXL6wl.jpg]

Everything removed from the box
[Image: WLLc2Qfl.jpg]

It came with these few bits of paperwork
[Image: yG1OSJPl.jpg]

Contents of the tool and screws bag
[Image: YczVXZGl.jpg]

Appears to be a standard ender 3 display, and it is good to see the good quality AMASS XT60 being used on the PSU.
[Image: Cj5KHv3l.jpg]


It's nice to have some decent instructions finally, I really liked these. 
[Image: 9Jmf78Hl.jpg]
[Image: 5fM0ogBl.jpg]
[Image: qPih07Dl.jpg]
[Image: AIGFfkCl.jpg]
[Image: KMA5QtZl.jpg]
[Image: 7nyB6v0l.jpg]
[Image: HapgXJ5l.jpg]
[Image: PGetDVal.jpg]
[Image: 9urkfxtl.jpg]
[Image: x5MOAz8l.jpg]
[Image: wHAAatVl.jpg]
[Image: tpn9BM5l.jpg]
[Image: LDQnG2nl.jpg]
[Image: a40tgaul.jpg]
[Image: OiapGrkl.jpg]
[Image: pul8dVXl.jpg]


The first step of assembly is bolting the gantry to the base, and I must say I am very impressed with creality's design improvement here, this is a wonderful idea.

They have machined a slot in the side of the 40x40mm base V Slot to locate the gantry, and the screws go through the side of the gantry into the side of the base.. I think this is a much better idea than the screws from underneath and I believe it will stop some Gantry wobble that we have issues with on other printers.

[Image: v89csJql.jpg]

I used a square to make sure the gantry was straight before doing up the screws

[Image: iMtLKewl.jpg]

Gantry Mounted
[Image: xRxpYlsl.jpg]

Power supply mounted, just 2 screws through the gantry.
[Image: E3uHXnYl.jpg]

Screen mounted, just the 2 screws on the front like a traditional ender
[Image: 6pFMH7Yl.jpg]

This is the new spool holder, It clips onto the base of the printer.. Was a little hard to get clipped on at first but it seems rigid enough.
[Image: E0d5a0ul.jpg]

Physical assembly is complete now, just plugging in cables to go
[Image: PjynX9Ol.jpg]
[Image: tw9EbH1l.jpg]
[Image: fguBI1il.jpg]
[Image: KX7UMCal.jpg]

This picture shows the cables for the gantry and the new spool holder in position..
[Image: 3CznODel.jpg]

And the printer is finished!
[Image: ouq5vdsl.jpg]

First print

So for the first print I tried something different, I actually did a live stream.. And it went really well so I will be doing this from now on.

Firstly, the Z Limit Switch was mounted too low, and I couldn't level the bed, so I fixed this on the fly with some V slot nuts and different screws... Then there wasn't any test files on the SD so unfortunately I had to improvise and do a quick slice on CURA, so the settings obviously weren't ideal. But regardless I still think the printer went well.

If you want to see me quickly figure out how to move the Z limit switch and the first print, then have a look at the live stream below. Either on Facebook or youtube Smile


I would love to hear some feedback on this printer, what do you think?

Hopefully It comes out soon so we can see the actual pricing, and I hope Creality sorts out the limit switch placement and includes a test print on the SD.

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  Ender 3 MAX - LIVE now
Posted by: daveefordays - 10-10-2020, 05:56 AM - Forum: Printing Discussion - No Replies

Hey guys,

I'm currently live on facebook and youtube testing out my Ender 3 MAX.

Have a look if you're online.


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  Anyone have a basic Tenlog Hands 2 Cura Profile?
Posted by: AvCDVz75LRFwd - 09-29-2020, 08:39 PM - Forum: Specific Printer Discussion - Replies (4)

Been out of the 3D printer game for awhile, I changed my nozzle which totally messed up my bed leveling AND I reinstalled my OS and forgot to backup my Cura profiles.

It's been too hot to re-level the bed, only just recently getting cool enough to start again. Only thing is Tenlog doesn't offer a cura profile of their printer, they offer a windows install of Cura with the Tenlog profile preinstalled, well I'm on linux and would rather not go through the work of installing Cura through WINE and copying over all the details so figured maybe someone had a profile they could give me, doesn't have to be good, just has to have the very basic features that I can tweak to my liking.

I'd really appreciate any help I can get, there's so much that needs to be done before I can go back to printing that it's a bit discouraging.

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  Faster Print Speed
Posted by: UrbanJungle1966 - 09-29-2020, 07:42 AM - Forum: Beginner Questions - Replies (6)

I was looking at printing a set of drawers for my printer. When I sliced it it said 1 day 5hrs and 22minutes printing it at 50mm/s

How bad will it look at 120mm/s. Is this even doable. It not like it needs to be beautiful just functional and not horrible Smile

It reduces the print to 16hrs 30 mins.

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  Ender 3 Max
Posted by: daveefordays - 09-28-2020, 12:26 AM - Forum: Specific Printer Discussion - No Replies

Sooo, Creality let me know they will be shipping me the ender 3 max soon...

I quite like it actually, the ender series of printers created its own space in the market when they were released and many printers I like have followed. The ender prints well at a low cost, so I think the Ender 3 max will be like an updated CR-10 with the design inspiration of the ender 3.

What do you guys think? https://all3dp.com/1/creality-ender-3-ma...ter-specs/

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  PLA doesn't handle high speed crashes :)
Posted by: UrbanJungle1966 - 09-27-2020, 06:46 AM - Forum: Printing Discussion - Replies (3)

One of my prints was a cover plate for the top of my quad to protect a TBS Unify Pro32 HV VTX of which I have smashed two of these high cost parts previously as they are so big I usually just stick them on the outside on top of my quad.

This was pretty much the decider for me to get a 3D printer as it was supposed to fit into this new build but didn't so instead of being annoyed I bought my 3d printer. Win win I reckon.

See pic 3 for best image of it.


Today after completely loosing video feed due to the battery going flat mid flight on my goggles I panicked and hit the disarm, ripped off the googles and was lucky to see in the distance the puff of a dust cloud as my brand new $800 on it's 3rd flight quad smash into the ground. I did use a number of expletives at this point and kicked myself for being an idiot.

A short walk brought me to my poor little quad. Not much damage thankfully. GPS ripped of and the cover plate pretty much gone. You could see bits and pieces of it trailing to the final resting place lol.

So in short PLA explodes on impact Smile

This was a good time I thought to try printing in TPU. omg stringy stuff and I did forget until after it was printing to change the retract distance but it didn't turn out too horrible. Definitely usable.


I am now printing my first multipart print (in PLA) for the filament guides as the TPU is so flexible it was pretty much a perfect right angle going into the feeder which I though that can't be good.


All in all an amusing afternoon and I got to print in TPU and do my biggest print so far Smile 6hrs 6 minutes Cura reckons it's going to take.

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  Linear Bearings / Catch-22
Posted by: SnowLeopardFPV - 09-21-2020, 11:49 PM - Forum: Printing Discussion - Replies (13)

I've recently been having issues with random crash detections on my X-axis and couldn't figure out what on earth was causing them. XYZ re-calibration didn't solve the issues so I was completely stumped. It was only when I decided to manually push the hot-end assembly along the X-axis by hand to move it out of the way that I realised it seemed unacceptably stiff. Further investigation revealed that the linear bearings were intermittently binding on the rods. So I removed the belt and disassembled the extruder/hot end from the X-Axis and sure enough the bearings started to stick after a a number of times being slid back and forth along the rod.

When I assembled the printer I took the advice of the manual by just installing them as they were supplied. I didn't flush out the lubricant that was already in them and apply fresh stuff. I mean, why would I need to because they were brand new.

Either way, it means that I might need new linear bearings. I guess the first thing to try however would be to apply Super Lube the the current bearings to see if that frees them up and prevents them from binding. This is where the catch-22 comes in because it seems that to properly lubricate the bearings I need to use a special nozzle adapter with slots in that will fit inside the linear bearing. The problem here is that the nozzle only seems to be available as a 3D printable item (HERE), and of course my only 3D printer is currently partially disassembled and is out of action.

Does anyone have any tips for properly lubricating linear bearings without one of those special nozzles?

And on a related note, if I end up replacing the bearings should I just stick with the cheapo bargain basement ones, or is it worth the investment going for expensive Misumi ones?

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