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Upcoming Downtime for Dave Websites - daveefordays - 06-01-2021

Hey Guys,

As many of you know, I am building a new home!!!

Right now, all of my servers run from my house, I am blessed to have the option of a Duplex gigabit fiber connection ($450/month) but since we are moving into a *forever* home there is going to be some downtime for my projects.

We are set to move on the 30th of June, so I'm guessing this is when the downtime will start and all of my websites will go offline, I may consider transferring everything to a host but I really don't want the headache and cost of that right now.

In our new home we will also have a gigabit fiber connection, but we don't have the fiber physically installed yet so this is likely going to lead to downtime.

I will keep you updated on this thread for now, and then I will create a thread in the off-topic on intoFPV to keep you guys updated during the blackout period. Last time it took 2 months for the fiber to be installed, but I am going to get ahead of the ball this time and attempt to get it installed by the time we move in.

This outage won't affect just into3DP, it will also affect davesdronedesigns, and all of the other websites I have hosted at home.

This is going to be a massive step for me, and having my own home means I am a lot freeer to do whatever I want, which means no more tripping over the cat 6 cable going through my kitchen to the server room, or having to have my servers in desktop cases taking up the entirety of my office desk (we currently have 5 full tower machines running (minecraft server, beamNG server, Venice Unleashed server, RTMP Re-stream server, Web server, etc). This also means I can go ham with setting up some custom redundancy systems, the plan is to have a charger running 24/7 on 4 100AH Lithium Batteries, and everything running off of those. I will get 12v power supplies for all of the server hardware and even run a 12V line through to my Fiber box in the garage. Then I will have a generator that will auto start to charge the batteries once they get below a threshold, so if the power goes out or part of my charging setup fails we have a failsafe. Currently we have quite a few outages due to power, one was a 4hr due to someone hitting a nearby powerpole... I can't control that so I need to control my power system!!

I also already have a rack cabinet and am collecting gear to put in there, so hopefully by the end of 2021 all of my sites will be running off of redundant server grade hardware!!.

Long term my goal is to get customers that want to purchase local web hosting from me, and at this point I will probably rent a VPS as a constant backup for those websites incase my server goes down for whatever reason, and I am getting a shed built to contain it all! Big Grin

RE: Upcoming Downtime for Dave Websites - daveefordays - 07-09-2021

Update: There will be no downtime since my websites, including this one have been migrated to a datacentre VPS.